For almost a century, The Mountain House has been a cherished community gathering place. Its origins date back to the early 1900s when it served as a water pump station for the homesteads scattered across Kings Mountain. Over the years, it transformed into a public house, then into a restaurant and bar, always radiating a welcoming ambiance and hospitality.

Historically, the American tavern, or frontier saloon, was a central point of the town or village. It offered a place of refuge for travelers and locals alike, providing more than just food and drink. These establishments fostered social connections, served as a meeting place for business and politics, and provided communication networks throughout the vast territories of rural America.

Today, Chef Dmitry Elperin and Chef William Roberts operate The Mountain House with the same ethos as their predecessors. They aim to create a community gathering place for the Skyline neighborhood, as well as a top dining destination for the Greater Bay Area.

The Mountain House's dining rooms and bar are inspired by the Santa Cruz Mountains' majestic Redwood trees and the American pioneer spirit. Each room has a distinct vibe that creates a unique dining experience. Guests can savor a long meal in the Forest Room while gazing out at trees older than Skyline Boulevard, or sit by the fireplace, enjoying the warmth of great food and gracious service. In the bar room, guests can relax and slip away into nostalgia for simpler times with a great cocktail and inspired cuisine.

Although the world has changed much since the West was young, our need for shared experience around a table or at the bar is timeless. The Mountain House invites guests to celebrate, meet old friends, make new ones, or take a moment of respite. Here's to preserving traditions, creating new ones, and enjoying the adventure. Cheers!

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Nothing Brings People Together Like Good Food

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